3M Window Tinting installation for your SUV, Station Wagon, or Van. Price includes all windows on your vehicle except the windshield.

3M Crystalline

Superior heat rejection!

$52999 plus tax

3M Crystalline film will be the best option if you are looking to block a significant amount of heat, blocking 60% of the total solar energy and 97% of infrared heat. It will also block 99.9 percent of UV rays, providing protection from sunburn and skin cancer. This film comes in both a clear option and a darker tinted option.

Concierge Service Available

3M Color Stable

Enables signals and blocks the heat!

$34999 plus tax

3M Color stable film is a high performance non metalized and non dye based film alternative. This means the film will never fade and will not interfere with signals in your car such as cell phone, GPS, and satellite. This film also blocks a significant amount of heat, up to 57% of the total solar energy.

Concierge Service Available

3M Premium

Provides privacy!

$18999 plus tax

3M Premium is our basic entry level film with a lifetime guarantee. It is used mainly to provide privacy. Though this film will provide minimal heat rejection, blocking 45% of the total solar energy, we recommend using 3M HP, Color stable, or Crystalline films if you are looking to help keep your car cooler.

Concierge Service Available